The Ultimate Relaxation Guide

Ultimate Relaxation Guide

Now more than ever we are looking for ways to relax and unwind. Stress levels and anxiety are showing no signs of reducing as we continue to navigate our way through the current climate. With reduced social interaction and more time spent indoors, we are having to find ways to calm ourselves and find a little peace of mind.

 2020 has given us time to reflect and work out what self-care really means to us. If you are still struggling to cultivate more relaxation into your life this guide may help you do just that.


Take a Digital Detox

 Easier said than done but refraining from using tech devices has really shown to be an effective way of letting go stress. The constant need to check social media, emails and texts accounts for a variety of issues such as sleep problems, poor mental health and a work/life imbalance.  By disconnecting from your devices, we are able to engage in real life social interactions without distraction. Which can only be a good thing! Try it at a time that suits you and it doesn’t even have to be for the whole day. Even 1 hour will help to begin with!


Do something creative!

 This can either be something you already enjoy or it could be an opportunity to try something you’ve never done before! As long as it makes you happy! Simply do this for 15-30 minutes to get you on the path to relaxation. Some ideas include, colouring, baking, reading a book, knitting and journaling. These all give you the opportunity to completely lose yourself and help relieve your head of stress. Opt for activities like this over the temptation to flick on the television, and avoid the glare of blue light which can overstimulate the brain.


Light a candle and play some music

Creating a cosy haven with dim light and gentle sounds is such a fantastic way to create a relaxing atmosphere. Artificial light suppresses melatonin, interfering with the quality of your sleep and ability to switch off.


Pop on a face mask (not the face protection type!)

Applying a mask gives you the perfect excuse to slow down, pause and take a break. It is no surprise that face mask sales have increased during the global pandemic, with people looking to reset their skin and indulge in an experience which touches all the senses. Taking time for rituals or routines helps improve an overall sense of wellbeing.


Take a bath

 Being submerged in water has a wonderful effect in reducing pain and inflammation as well as calming the nervous system, reducing the levels of stress and anxiety. Running a warm bath and adding some aromatherapy oils or bath salts will fill up the bathroom with a gorgeous scent. Vetiver is great for settling the mind and Frankincense is renowned for helping let go of any worries. If you want to go a step further adding rose petals to the water is soothing for both the skin and mind. Our Konjac 6 Wave Body Sponge with French Pink Clay is wonderful addition to your cleansing ritual, giving skin an all-over gentle exfoliation and the super soft texture will feel amazing on the skin.


Practice mindfulness

 Paying attention to the present moment and to take notice of your thoughts, feelings and body sensations is the first step to mindfulness. It enables us to reconnect with our bodies and the sensations we feel, which in turn can improve our mental health. Being in a bath is the perfect time to give it a go. Close your eyes and give yourself a minute to clear your head, let go the worries of the day and enjoy the feeling and sound of the water around you. Breathe deeply and focus on this, how your chest is rising and falling. Then control your breathing, breathe in slowly for five seconds, then slowly breathe out. Repeat this as often as you’d like. Enjoy the moment!


Pamper time!

 Once you are out of the bath or shower give your skin a good massage with a body oil or body butter infused with ingredients that promote wellbeing. These will help calm the mind and spirit as well as nourishing the skin. Try Flow Cosmetics One with Universe Aromatherapy Butter Bar which is wonderful for softening dry skin whilst the essential oils of Frankincense and May Chang are known for helping de-stress. Now is also the perfect time to give yourself a good foot massage which can aid relaxation and relieve any muscle aches!


Notice how you much better you feel after completing these exercises!


Photo courtesy of Anna Shvets via Pexels