Our Calming Christmas Gift Guide for 2020

The festive season is nearly upon us and it’s time to start thinking about those special Christmas gifts. 2020 has been a year like no other so there is no better time to treat the people you love! Selfcare and wellness have been so vital for getting us through these difficult days so look to our curated gift guide for a roundup of some of the best treats to soothe the body and mind. Hopefully these will put a smile on the faces of the important ones in your life!



Konjac Sponge Mini Pore Refiners - £6.99

These make the ultimate stocking filler, with cute designs to suit every age and every skin! These are a fantastic tool for deep cleansing those hard-to-reach areas without irritation, simply wet with water and see them transform into a plump and silky sponge. We can’t get enough of these!  



Flow Cosmetics Body Polish - £30.50

These luxurious body polishes are incredible for those that need to de-stress! With 3 Himalayan rock salt and aromatherapy blends to choose from, all will balance your skin and calm your senses. Buff away dull skin to reveal softer and brighter skin, we can even skip moisturiser with them as they are so nourishing! The gorgeous high-quality jar can also be reused! We love storing our hair clips in them!



OkiOki Hyaluronic Eye Mask - £40.00

An eye mask like no other! These are perfect for restless sleepers and those wanting to care for their peepers! The fabric is infused with hyaluronic acid which slowly releases as it gently rubs against the skin. Sounds like magic? It is! Eyes are refreshed and more radiant upon waking and the mask fully blocks out light promoting a better sleep all round. There are 4 colours to choose from with each eye mask being equivalent to 120 face masks! So these are worth their weight...in hyaluronic acid!



Konjac Baby Bath Sponge - £10.99

 For the little ones in your life this super gentle sponge is an essential for bath times. The natural konjac plant fibre and spring water soothe and cleanse the gentlest of skins without irritation. We all know the struggle of bath time when it comes to washing the hair of little ones, fear not this tool can hold up to 10x its own weight in water, making for a much quicker process! Especially great for babies and eczema sufferers.


Flow Solid Roots Perfume Oil - £32.00

 Small but mighty, these natural rollerball perfumes make for the perfect handbag companion! With 7 scents to choose from don’t get too overwhelmed decision making as we can assure you, they all smell incredible. You will also find a crystal quartz inside each bottle for that special touch.  



Konjac Doggy and Pet Sponge - £9.99

 Let’s not forget the loyal furry friend in your life! Put the doggy treats aside this year and give them something that they will be more thankful for (in the long run!). This sponge is truly fantastic for cleansing your pet’s face, especially around the sensitive eye area. Ideal for keeping in grooming and show kits as well as for everyday use. The super soft konjac fibre ensures there will be no irritation or damage to your little companions and it even works for field pets too!


Flow Peppermint Butter - £20

 Cracked heels be gone! An indulgent treat for anyone with feet! This nourishing, naturally deodorising butter has a fantastic cooling effect while healing cracked and swollen feet. With added Cypress oil to reduce fluid retention and improve circulation this is a win win kind of gift.  



Konjac Gentleman’s Shaving Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal - £9.99

 For the man in your life look no further than this award-winning handy tool to offer a fantastic cleansing and shaving experience. Experts have touted it as the perfect natural alternative to a badger brush, whipping into a foamy lather for the closest possible shave. With added bamboo charcoal to deep cleanse this helps remove dirt and oil that often gets trapped around hair follicles leading to dreaded ingrown hairs. Pair it with the Flow Cosmetics Heather Shaving Bar for the ultimate shaving duo!


Flow Cosmetics Butter Bar - £22.50

 With 7 varieties to choose from these luxurious butter bars are incredible for bringing some life back into skin. With nourishing and aromatic oils there is a blend made for every skin type. Massage onto dry skin to release the essential oils and allow the texture to melt into skin nourishing and softening as it absorbs.