The Benefits of Gemstones in Beauty


Throughout history, professional healers have claimed that crystals vibrate at a much higher frequency than our bodies, which allows them to aid our lives in variety of ways. Gemstones are often used to help boost one’s mood, alleviate stress, restore harmony and even aid in physical health and bodily healing. But what happens when we use crystals and gemstones in our skincare? Lately, beauty experts and crystal healers have been combining the effects of gemstone healing and effective beauty products, resulting in the latest beauty buzz – gemstone skincare.

Using gemstones and crystals in your beauty routine not only takes care of your skin, but cares for your mind and spirit as well. Specialists all over the world have found the use of crystals in beauty to be so beneficial that many of them have been incorporating them into their own skincare routines.

Here at the Konjac Sponge Co we’re all about natural beauty. With the most powerful, organic and ethical ingredients, we want to make sure you’re not only looking your best on the outside but feeling your best on the inside too. So, to discover which precious stone will nurture your skin and soul, we’ve created this gemstone beauty guide to lead the way.


Tourmaline is a grounding stone that is said to help protect against negative energies. In skincare, Tourmaline is said to be a revitalising ingredient that helps to draw out any pollutants that may have entered the skin. When used directly on the skin, tourmaline crystals heat up, making them effective exfoliators that help to increase circulation and make sure your other ingredients are doing more and going further.

Our very own energising and mineral-rich Tourmaline Konjac Sponge combines the cleansing and exfoliating effects of organic Korean Konjac with the revitalising effects of Tourmaline. The ingredients work hand in hand to help cleanse and exfoliate the skin, stimulate blood circulation and protect the skin against pollution.

Flow Cosmetic’s Tourmaline Aromatherapy Body Polish is a decadent bodily exfoliator infused with Tourmaline, essential oils, Finnish Bilberry and organic moisturisers that help to cleanse, smooth and exfoliate the skin leaving you with a healthy, even glow.

Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz is best known for its loving qualities that help to induce inner-harmony, comfort and self-love. The crystal is also said to help balance and open the heart chakra. In skincare, Rose Quartz is used for its calming effects on the skin, helping to reduce redness, fine lines and wrinkles. Rose Quartz is also a very effective highlighting ingredient when used in makeup, giving the skin a radiant warm rose glow.

KORENTO’s Rose Quartz Highlighter provides the perfect combination of makeup, skincare and crystal healing. With a variety of natural waxes, organic plant oils and KORENTO’s Berry Active ComplexTM compound, the highlighter effectively nurtures and softens the skin whilst Rose Quartz and high-quality light reflecting pigments help you to achieve a healthy rose-gold glow.


Amethyst is a relaxing and clarifying crystal known to be incredibly protective and healing. This precious stone is often used to help release negativity, heal the body and soul, and soothe physical and emotional tension. In skincare, Amethyst helps to clarify and detoxify the skin, leaving you with a healthy, balanced complexion. As crystals are often linked to chakras, consistent use of Amethyst-based products is also said to help open and strengthen the crown chakra.

Flow Cosmetic’s Amethyst Aromatherapy Body Polish is a luxurious Amethyst-infused body polish with Himalayan rock salt, shea butter, coconut oil, Finnish bilberry and aromatherapeutic essential oils that helps to relax and soothe the body and mind whilst exfoliating, nourishing and clarifying the skin.


Quartz crystals are known as the energy-amplifiers. These crystals are often used to help improve the well-being of one’s life as well as to amplify the effects of other crystals too. In the Chakra system, Quartz can be used to help heal and strengthen all chakras whilst raising your inner energy levels.

Flow Cosmetics’ new Chakra perfume line features a range of wonderful healing perfumes, intentionally created to help heal, open and strengthen each of the chakras. Each perfume comes with its own genuine Quartz crystal at the bottom of the bottle to help heal and energise the mind and spirit with every use.

Their One with Universe Perfume Oil invites a pure and radiant energy that helps to connect you to both your higher-self and the universe. The invigorating scent is comprised of zesty citrus top notes, litsea cubeba and soft vanilla heart notes followed by neroli, cedarwood and frankincense base notes. This perfume oil helps to open and strengthen the crown chakra, allowing you to become serene, fearless and one with the universe. Like with all of Flow’s perfume oils, One with Universe comes with its own healing Quartz crystal.

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Gemstones in beauty are gaining more and more popularity, so with our guide we hope you can find your crystal beauty match and experience the benefits for yourself.