Putting your face on every morning is a process - often painstaking - but always necessary in the eyes of your toughest critic (YOU). Is it too much to ask to look flawless from all angles? No, we believe not. Our all-natural Konjac wonder sponges have already proven themselves to be must-have exfoliators and cleansers, but here's a little known fact: they can also prep your skin for makeup helping products sit better on the skin and therefore last longer!

It's all about results for us, and you really have to see the sponge at work to fully experience the difference it makes to your make up application. The soft, net-like vegetable fibre structure sloughs off dead skin leaving behind a smooth canvas for your makeup. No one likes blotchy foundation and with the gentle yet powerful exfoliation provided by the one and only Konjac Sponge, your foundation will glide evenly across the skin.

Celebrity Make Up Artist, Tania Grier has revolutionised her work and her own daily makeup prep with our unique sponges.

"I really can't imagine my personal skincare routine without Konjac Sponges, and every model and actress I have used them on have also become hooked. Charlotte Olympia Dellal loves the heart ones so much she bought them for all her friends' stocking fillers at Christmas.

I regularly get asked by male models too: 'Do you have any of those incredible sponges in your kit you could spare?' Now I always have extra in my kit."

But that's not all; the Konjac facial sponge is secretly effective at taking off your makeup. If you happen to wear water-based makeup, all you need is water and your trusty Konjac Sponge. However, everyday make up can be removed too by just adding a little of your favourite makeup remover to the spongey dome.

Keep a minimal skincare routine with our Konjac skin saviours.


Benefits of prepping

- Exfoliates and sloughs off dead skin for a smooth blank canvas
(great for even foundation, fake tan or primer)

- Doesn't dry out the skin or over-strip after the drying effect
of make up, unlike other exfoliators

- Massage in a circular motion - stimulates blood flow to give
natural glow, brightening and lifting tone before make up

-Reduces puffiness and dark circles in the morning

-Cleanses deep into pores - no make up blockage

-Make up will last longer and sit better on the skin

-Using too many facial products can aggravate the skin, causing
redness/ breakouts