Do 2017 right and get your skincare routine sorted. With our Konjac Sponges, cleansing and exfoliating is so simple this may be one resolution you actually keep.

The quest for flawless skin doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be as simple as you like. Go Korean. Scale back. Detox and refresh your skin with just water and these bouncy little sponges. You won’t regret it!

Green Tea Facial Sponge

Korean Beauty’s essential ingredient, Green Tea, is perfect for revamping and revitalising bleak New Year’s hangover skin. This all-natural ingredient is soaked into the soft Konjac plant fibres creating an antioxidant bomb, which will drench your skin with youth-enhancing goodness.

Chamomile Facial Sponge

Has your skin seen too much action over the holidays? Have the layers of make up been aggressively scrubbed away once too often? Don’t worry; our Chamomile sponge is here to make everything better – not unlike a hug from your mum. The purifying chamomile is known to have anti-allergic properties, gently soothing angry, over-sensitive skin.

Eye Pads

If you are planning to travel more in 2017, these eye pads will keep you looking alive even when you are mentally dying from jet lag. Inside this cute zip up pouch, there are eight completely reusable Konjac eye pads – think of how long these will last you (between one and three months, to be exact). There is even a handy little mesh bag to hang your eye pads in after use!


Other products we’ve got our eye on this year…

 Olverum Bath Oil

A treat for the body and the senses, this bath oil has an incredibly powerful scent that will lure you gently out of the January blues. Add the tiniest drop (less than you think) to your bubble bath and indulge in some ‘me time’.

Matcha Green Tea

If you’re feeling good inside you’re looking good on the outside – that’s science, right? Either way, Matcha green tea is the elixir of god’s (and goddesses) and is the first thing to turn to if you’re mood’s a little… ugh.

Charlotte Tilbury – Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Sticking to the European clay vibe (we approve), Mrs Tilbury’s Goddess Skin Mask is rich with Spanish clay and Sweet Almond Oil. A thin layer goes a long way; so if what you really want is a facemask everyday, go for it!