Love it or loathe it, Valentine’ Day is coming (in six days, to be exact!) Whether you’re a new couple, old couple or are in a loyal and sincere relationship with yourself, this is essentially the day to show love. Treat others and treat yourself with a natural Korean skincare prezzie.

For her

We women like cute, we like adorable, and so what better way to get in the good books than to symbolically give her your heart. The Konjac Heart Sponge is a squishy plant fibre facial sponge, charmingly molded into the shape of a heart. Fused with pure French pink clay, the sponge works to uplift tired and devitalised skin tones and soothes sensitive complexions.

For him

Struggling to find a gift for the man in your life? Keep it simple with the Konjac Gentleman’s Shaving Sponge. Not only does it make a great replacement for a badger brush, but it's also the perfect way to kick-start an effective grooming routine. The soft Konjac fibre has been blended with bamboo charcoal to give him the ultimate cleanse, eliminating blackheads and drawing our dirt trapped around hair follicles.

This year, indulge in a Valentine’s gift that just keeps on giving – a gift that lasts from one to three months – the Konjac Sponge.

And don't forget those little extras that make all the difference…

  • Chocolate: A decent box of sweets will put a smile on anyone’s face. Get to Hotel Chocolat for an impressive selection of luxury cocoa goodies.
  • Flowers: We’re not talking Maison Des Fleurs-esque box of roses (even though they are stunning). Have a simple flower arrangement prepared with her favourite flowers – don’t be lazy!
  • Aftershave: For the finishing touches to your gent’s new freshly shaven face, perhaps a little bottle of Gucci Guilty Pour Homme? It will be as much a treat for you to smell it as it is for him to wear it.