How to achieve glowing skin this Christmas!

The central heating is on, we are in the throes of winter, and most of the time we are confined to our homes. Our skin is feeling as lifeless as you would expect having spent the majority of the year indoors. Yet Christmas is nearly upon us and even though it may be a little different this year, you bet we still want to be looking our best over the festive period! That begins with our skin because whilst makeup and highlighters are great, we want to our shine bright like a diamond without them!


Here are some tips so you can glow naturally under the mistletoe…


Step up your cleansing routine!

Ensure that you are gently cleansing your skin twice a day, it makes a world of difference! We love pairing our Konjac Sponge with Flow Cosmetics Balm to Milk Cleanser for a full experience. This heavenly scented balm melts away makeup and is blended with nutritious oils rich in antioxidants, to leave skin feeling firmer and hydrated. We like to massage onto dry skin, emulsify a little with water and then use our Konjac Sponge to gently buff over in circular motions. This gives skin a gentle exfoliation and removes any cleanser residue. Remember to go down your neck, which is often neglected!


Have a mask session!

Once a week we love using a mask to reset our skin and bring things back into balance. For oily/breakout prone skin we recommend the Detox Mask which deeply cleanses pores using activated charcoal and white clay, lifting any under the surface congestion to leave super smooth skin. The stand out ingredient in this is the Finnish raw honey which is a natural antibacterial to treats breakouts, speeds up the healing process and envelopes the skin in moisture!

For drier skin types the Strawberry Milk Mask works brilliantly, it contains incredible ingredients to really perk up the skin. Sloughing away dead skin cells to achieve a smoother complexion without compromising on hydration. It’s as delicious as you would hope! Blended with exfoliating enzymes and fine-grained rice powder to give an instant glow while Aloe Vera soothes, Finnish Strawberries brighten and Pink Clay cleanses.

A great tip is to remove your mask with our Konjac sponge for added skin benefits.  


Spritz and Glow!

A quick way to add a burst of hydration to skin is through a mist and we like to use one before we layer on our other skincare products. This helps serums/moisturisers to travel further into the skin and add a veil of moisture to ensure increased suppleness. This Chamomile & Probiotics Mist is fantastic for calming and soothing whilst providing a good dose of hydration. You can also spritz on throughout the day for a quick boost and it is a fantastic makeup setting spray.


Use a serum!

Integrating serums into your routine is a sure-fire way to get your skin radiant fast. They have a higher concentration of active ingredients compared to creams or lotions, so penetrate deeper into the skin meaning you will see quicker results.

We love the Hyaluron & Probiotics Serum for both instant and long-term results. Instantly you will see a firmer, dewier complexion which will help disguise all the Christmas beverages you may or may not be knocking back! It contains 2 forms of hyaluronic acid which together address the moisture levels in both the surface and deeper layers of the skin. Over time this serum helps firm up the skin and generally improve the overall health of the epidermis.


Facial massage with an oil!

Giving yourself a facial massage is easily one of the best ways to impart that coveted healthy, rested glow to the face. It will also do wonders for decreasing tension, especially in the jaw, which I think we all need help with!

You don’t have to be a pro with the technique, just stimulating the skin will increase blood flow, which means more oxygen and nutrient to the skin. Encourage your skin upwards to decrease puffiness and improve firmness. We love applying Lingonberry Bright Oil which is ultra-light and fast absorbing, yet you can still get a good massage with it. Arctic lingonberry is known for improving skin tone, reducing hyperpigmentation and delivering brighter skin.


Whilst we love our skincare there is only so much it can do! Christmas can be a stressful time so we recommend staying hydrated (water!), getting your beauty sleep and practice mindfulness to help restore skin, body and mind this Christmas!