We are so excited to finally introduce you to our brand new Mythical Creatures range. After months of searching, we found the perfect illustrator to bring to life all the cute designs running through our minds. These adorably delicate watercolour sketches turned out to be the perfect match for our natural Korean Konjac sponges.

The designer behind these incredible creatures is Taiwanese freelance illustrator, Hsinyi Chen. Working mostly with watercolour and coloured pencil, she manages to create illustrations that jump right off the page (and the screen). Taking inspiration from everyday life, children and animals, Hsinyi’s masterpieces tell stories to make you smile.

Our Mythical Creatures collection includes:

100% Pure Prancing Unicorn

100% Pure Standing Unicorn

Mermaid with Red French Clay

Mermaid with Pink French Clay

Narwhal with Bamboo Charcoal

Dragon with Green French Clay

Visit our online store to discover your favourite Konjac Sponge mythical creature (you may be inspired to start stocking up for gifts). So cute you’ll want to keep the boxes, too!

To see more of Hsinyi’s work and get lost in the dreamy creations, go to www.starfolioart.com.

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