Lips are universally ignored when it comes to exfoliation. For some reason, they’re just not considered in our daily skincare routine. This is why, when winter rolls around, everyone is struck down with chapped, sore and peeling lips. It’s not ideal and it only makes matte lipstick look like the surface of the moon.

Unfortunately, once the skin has been allowed to reach this point, no amount of Vaseline or miracle balm seems to be able to restore its former glory. Let’s introduce some natural and gentle exfoliation – after all, aggressive exfoliants and scrubs can sometimes only leave newly formed skin raw and sensitive.

Here is where the Konjac Mini Pore Refiner’s really earn their hero status. I bet you thought the Konjac Mini’s were only good for the pores! Their petite curvy shape is perfect for targeting the dry skin that builds up on lips during a cold snap. Pure Konjac and specific French clays for your skin type (choose from the bamboo sloth, green or red monkey) have been combined to gently buff away dead skin cells. Now you can protect and condition the new skin underneath to expose a nourished, kissable pout.

Find the essential mini for your lip kit.