We just love hearing all the tips and tricks people have to get their skin looking young and flawless. Here are some fabulous beauty bloggers that are helping us keep our complexions in fighting condition. Find out the one surprising everyday product we noticed you can't go without, no matter what generation you are from!

Generation: Baby Boomer

Josephine Chic At Any Age 

I consider cleansing an extremely important part of skincare, especially now, as our atmosphere is so polluted and can be very damaging and ageing for the skin.

I take my first layer of makeup off with Micellar water and then use a gentle foaming cleanser with my Foreo. Finally, wipe with a muslin cloth (Josephine is now using our Konjac Angel Cloth).

I am not a great user of rich night creams. Just a light one if my skin feels dry (as it sometimes does when I use retinol serum.)

In the morning, I cleanse again and use a SPF50 tinted sunscreen every day under a light foundation.

Instagram: @chicatanyage | Twitter: @Chicatanyage

Generation: X

Franca A Moment With Franca 

 "First thing in the morning, I wake up and wash my face using a face brush with a little bit of soap. I use my L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect cleansing milk to remove any makeup that was still left.

Before I go to bed, I remove my makeup using face wipes. Then, I use Lancôme Bi-Facil Makeup Remover for my eyes.

I will then wash my face using a face brush. I do this routine daily, especially if I have to apply make up that day."

Instagram: @amomentwithfranca  | Twitter: @WithFranca

Generation: Y

Rachel Shortt Pale Girl Rambling 

Use an SPF everyday, all year round. Even if it's raining or snowing, the sun is still up there and UV rays cause skin damage and premature aging. Always cleanse, morning and night.

Even if you have the most sensitive skin that doesn't react well with cleansing products, then try something like a Konjac Sponge. They are perfect for sensitive skin, even for babies and also gently exfoliate, too.

Cleansing is so important to keep skin clean, get rid of any impurities and minimise breakouts. Finally, drink lots of water! I know people always say this but it's said for a reason! Water hydrates skin from the inside and helps to minimise breakouts. I make sure to always have a water bottle with me. Once you get into the habit of it then it's super easy!

Instagram: @palegirlrambling | Twitter: @PaleGirlRambling

Generation: Z

Sophia Floral Sophia

My skincare regime is fairly simple, as at a young age the key thing is to not put too many harsh chemicals and products on your skin.

Every morning I wash my face with water and use my Konjac Sponge - this just helps me to feel fresh and awake for the day before applying any makeup.

Once I have dried off my face I apply a rich moisturiser to moisturise and soften my skin, after this I will apply my makeup. In the evenings, I use Micellar water to take off my makeup as this is really powerful and works extremely well, but is also non-damaging as there are very few chemicals in it.

Instagram: @floral.sophia | Twitter: @floralsophia_x