If your skin has been looking a little dull and lifeless lately, it’s more than possible that you’ll be piling on the foundation to will some colour back into your complexion. One of the causes of uneven skin tone is sun damage, which plenty of us will be suffering with after summer holidays.

Of course, prevention would be the easiest way of tackling this by making sure you are using the right level sun cream for your skin (and a lot of it!) This will keep your skin hydrated, protected and will fight off those dark, sun spots.

Although, if you are reading this it’s probably because you did not do the above and are now looking for something to help restore your natural glow. Here is where exfoliation comes to the rescue. Regular and gentle exfoliation is enough to slough off the dead layers of skin that can cause the mottled effect.

Using the Konjac Face Sponge, you can get an all-over cleanse and exfoliation without causing further damage to your skin. The silky soft Konjac fibres are gentle enough to be used on even the most sensitive skin. Massage around the face after soaking the sponge in water for a few moments, paying attention to those dark areas for a baby smooth flawless complexion.

Why not add a bit of DIY toner to a Konjac Eye Cleansing Pad? Toner is great for removing those last traces of makeup and washing away oils, but also for softening and revitalising the skin (essential after exfoliation.)

For more severe pigmentation, we would recommend seeing your dermatologist, who will be able to prescribe more powerful and specific solutions for your skin.