5 ways to tackle stressed skin

If you are suffering with irritated stressed-out skin at present we truly sympathise! There are all kinds of reasons why this could be happening, and being in the midst of a global pandemic certainly doesn’t help matters. Research shows that stress can takes its toll on your complexion and what happens inside your body really can show externally. That aside there could be other reasons for your unhappy skin. Have you overdone it with a harsh exfoliator? Could the weather be wreaking havoc on your complexion? All of these things can lead to increased sensitivity, blotchiness, breakouts, itchiness and general discomfort. So how do we tackle this and get our stressed skin back to its best?


Recognise your triggers

As mentioned above, common causes for unhappy skin can be linked back to various things so the key element is being able to establish the cause. It is important to reflect upon your diet, skin routine, sleep pattern and whether you are under stress or anxiety. All of these things can contribute to an imbalance and may reflect in your skin in a number of ways. Another common issue at this time of year is our skin reacting to the weather. Cold winds and central heating can increase sensitivity and play havoc with our complexions.


Consider a humidifier

When the air is dry, it is likely our skin will be as well. If dry, irritated skin is an ongoing problem for you, it is worth investing in a cool air humidifier. This will help increase moisture levels within the air and will keep the skin hydrated which will result in a happier skin barrier.


Avoid hot showers

Even though a hot shower feels incredible and may be deemed as one of life’s simplest pleasures, it is unfortunately not so great for your skin. There is nothing better than stepping into a steamy shower first thing in the morning or after a good workout but it really doesn’t do our skin any favours, especially if it’s already irritated. It strips the skin of sebum plus the healthy fats and oils necessary for keeping skin in tip top condition. Turn the temperature down and your skin will thank you for it!


Pare back your routine


Keeping things simple and consistent is best when faced with irritated skin. As tempting as it is to pile on the products, this can overcomplicate things and often make the situation worse. Ideally remove anything highly fragranced as this can exacerbate any problems, and avoid strong actives and harsh exfoliators. Instead focus on using soothing ingredients, it’s important to build the skin barrier back up and give your skin the chance to heal. A gentle cleanse, hydrating serum, moisturiser and SPF (in the AM) is all you really need.


Our PH balanced Konjac Sponge is great for doubling up as a cleanser and a form of gentle exfoliation. The super soft texture will not strip the skin or cause any further distress. We highly recommend our Chamomile and Pink Clay Facial Sponge in this instance, it’s fantastic for calming irritated skin due to its anti-allergic properties.


Look at the label

When on a mission to recover your skin back to its former glory, you want to be assessing what you are using and ensure that your focus is on restorative and replenishing ingredients. Look out for anything containing ceramides, cholesterols and fatty free acids which are all key components to your skin barrier. Some other ingredients worth looking at are:

Aloe Vera – known for soothing, healing and hydrating

Colloidal Oat - a completely underrated ingredient but fantastic for soothing, reducing inflammation and relieving itchiness.

Plant oils - Safflower, Blue Tansy and Centella Asiatica are all wonderful anti-inflammatories