Getting your beauty sleep with Okioki


Sleep, what’s that? We seem to have left it behind in 2019 along with our exercise plans! This past year has been a struggle for most of us in some shape or form, and with that comes sleep difficulties. Our minds have been in overdrive and living in the unknown has meant switching off has become a lot harder. Sleep deprivation leads to a decrease in blood flow to the skin and can lead to dull complexion.

Okioki have come up with a ground-breaking range of wearable beauty tools in the form of eye masks and pillows. These not only help to improve your sleep but also give your skin a radiance boost, which is what we all need right now! Using microencapsulation technology from Proneem, it slowly releases vegan hyaluronic acid which is then infused into the softest of fabrics. When rubbed against the skin micro particles are released and delivered to the most beneficial parts of the body – face, eye area, décolletage and neck.

To give you a bit of an overview, just like Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid is naturally produced within our bodies. Its main function being that it helps to retain water within the skin, leaving our skin tissue moist and well lubricated. Over time our body loses the ability to produce this, saying goodbye to the plump, hydrated skin we take for granted in our teens!

Hyaluronic acid in skincare is key to improving loss of elasticity, dullness and ensuring well hydrated skin. Okioki have managed to deliver this ingredient in such a unique and effective way, you may not have had 7hrs sleep but you can cheat your way there and look like you have!

The eye mask blots out light completely, encouraging you to sleep soundly while it works its magic. If puffy, irritated and tired eyes are an issue for you this is worth a try. We definitely saw a difference upon waking and over time we saw an improvement in the appearance of crow’s feet looking more softened and tops of the cheekbones appearing tighter. One mask is the equivalent of around 120 face masks. If we do the math that’s around 3 months of daily/nightly eye treatments, not bad!

Also in the collection is the incredibly comfortable pillows. You can either opt for the simplistic design from manmade fabric or choose the organic cotton with beautiful decorative lace. Harnessing all the same benefits as the eye mask, it is designed to be a wider treatment for the face, décolletage and hair. Shown to be the equivalent of 1500 facial masks, this is a fantastic way to boost your skin's regenerative process and make bedtime a luxury.

Okioki are investment pieces that truly define the meaning of beauty sleep!

‘I think the biggest beauty essential is as simple as a good, full night’s sleep’ – Angela Kinsey