5 ways to make your skincare routine kinder to the planet

For many of us our skincare routines are an important part of our day, it gives us some much needed ‘me time’, where the focus is just about us taking care of ourselves and our skin. It becomes like second nature, and perhaps without thinking we don’t always consider about the impact our routine can have on the environment. Here at Konjac we are big believers of small, considered changes which leads to making a bigger, long-lasting impact overall. So, if you feel it’s time to re-evaluate your routine and make some easy straightforward changes, take a look at our 5 tips to get you started.


Swap out your makeup remover

Taking off our makeup is the foundation to a good skincare routine, and is the first step in the process. It also can generate a huge amount of waste. There are 2 main contributors to this, disposable wipes and cotton wool. Both of which can be easily replaced with much more sustainable options. Instead look for something reusable which is kind to both your skin and planet. Our Eye and Makeup Cleansing Pads are fantastic for removing makeup especially around the delicate eye and lip areas. For water soluble makeup they can be used on their own, otherwise a small amount of cleanser can be added to remove anything oil based.


Re-evaluate your shower routine!

A running tap is another significant and unnecessary waste to our environment. Simply turning it off when you brush teeth, apply your hair conditioner or even while washing your makeup brushes can make a huge difference. Better still, think about cutting down your weekly hair washing routine and find a dry shampoo that works for you! It can save around 10 gallons of water per shower based on a 5-minute session! These examples are some of the easiest and biggest changes you can make for the environment. Half the time we do these things without thinking but being more mindful is key.

Did you know turning down the dial on your shower also draws less energy and is also beneficial for your skin and hair? Hot water has been shown to damage the keratin cells in our skin which can lead to dry skin and exacerbate conditions such as eczema and rosacea.


Exfoliate in an eco-friendly way

To get that smooth skin effect that a ‘manual’ scrub can achieve without the irritation try our konjac sponges instead. Completely biodegradable, super gentle on the skin and can be composted with your fruit and veg! They are even suitable for those who struggle with mainstream forms of exfoliation. Other alternatives are using something with enzyme exfoliation, the Flow Cosmetics Lingonberry Bright Powder Mask contains papaya and pineapple enzymes to reduce build-up of dead skin cells without drying out the skin.

Look for sustainable packaging

There are so many brands (thousands!) who are now committing to making their packaging more sustainable. Us included! The good news being you are not really limiting yourself that much by being more conscious of this. We personally love Flow Cosmetics Body Butter Bars and Shampoo Bars. They are super concentrated so you can use less product per application and they have minimal plastic free packaging. Much better for the environment than their bottled counterparts! Other eco-friendly packaging to look out for are refillable options, recycled plastic, glass, aluminium, sugarcane, biodegradable paper, cardboard and starch chips.

Simplify your routine

Being a more conscious consumer and only buying what you need is something many of us struggle with but less really is more in this case. Nobody needs 12 cleansers! Investing in multi-purpose products cuts down waste and also your skin will appreciate a more curated, consistent routine. We particularly love Flow Cosmetics 3 in 1 Detox Mask  which not only provides a through cleanse but can be used as a weekly mask and exfoliator. I know we’ve already mentioned it above but our Konjac Sponge is another fantastic multitasker, it cleanses and exfoliates gently in one easy step!