Alan, of Mexican/Japanese descent, is the newest face to show up at Konjac Sponge HQ. Armed with endless energy and a set of pearly whites, he simply loves his job and cannot wait to get his paws on the sponges in the morning.

This may be Alan’s first job, but he has very quickly settled in and become * whispers quietly * the office favourite! Preferring not to be tied down to one desk, he regularly invites himself to take over everyone else’s desk and hates working independently.

He has only been here for a few weeks now, but this office popularity has led to the new pursuit of a modelling career… via Instagram, of course. He documents a lot of his life on there, from meeting friends, to showing off at work. But, mostly it’s just a series of selfies. The camera loves him, and him it. Follow him, won’t you?



This is Alan (@alan_the_chihuahua) - the office Chihuahua x Japanese Chin.