Make it an all-natural Christmas this year with our Konjac Mini Pore Refiner range for the whole family. These bauble-shaped skin protectors are ideal for filling up stockings and wouldn’t look out of place on your tree!

In full holiday spirit, we are excited to introduce our limited edition Rudolph and Blitzen’s Nose Konjac Pore Refiners. Is it really Christmas without some sort of homage to Santa’s cheeky little helpers? These adorable reindeer noses are made entirely of the purest Konjac with added red French clay or bamboo charcoal powder.

Christmas Konjac Mini Blitzen Sponge
Blitzen’s nose is a mixture of activated bamboo charcoal powder and Korea’s finest Konjac. The addition of charcoal also helps to ‘blitz’ (not sorry) stubborn oils and bacteria due to its antioxidant nature. Its miniature size is great for targeting and refining pores – a small step to flawless skin.

Christmas Konjac Mini Rudolph Sponge
Rudolph’s nose is mixed with red French clay to make the iconic cherry nose. It is just what you need to get deep into creases around the nose and chin where larger pores can develop. Cleansing your pores is so simple when you have the right beauty tools!


Perhaps you just need something that looks cute and makes a great gift all year round. Voilà!

Mini Konjac Pore Refiners
Full of pink, green and red French clay goodness, these pore refiners provide a powerful and intricate cleanse. Pink clay is best known for relieving sensitive and tired skin, green clay is said to help combination skin and oily t-zones, so if their skin is a little unpredictable, this one is there for all eventualities. Then there is red clay, which is perfect for boosting moisture in the skin (something we could all benefit from!) and is suitable for use on rosacea and psoriasis.

Konjac Heart Sponge
Everyone’s got a female in the family who is generally awkward to buy things for, so grab them one of these cleansing and exfoliating heart-shaped Konjac Sponges, and spread the love.

Konjac Gentleman’s Shaving Sponge
Here’s a gift to solve the male Christmas present dilemma. Designed to foam up and exfoliate, this sponge is ideal for getting a closer and more defined shave. Described as a (skin-friendly version) of the badger brush - you can’t go wrong!

Bam! Christmas sorted, now all you need to worry about is what you’re going to wear.