They say a summer body is made in the winter but, realistically, we’re not even thinking about it until we’re face to face with long days and warm nights. If you want to get a head start, now is the time to whip those bones into shape. The main thing is to not abandon your skincare routine. Soft, glowing and toned skin is essential when a lot more of it is going to be on show.

 The Workout

Is your idea of a great workout high energy at your local gym? Pack your Konjac Sports Sponge/ Body Sponge to cleanse and replenish all of the lost moisture when you’re done. Even if you would rather aggressively swim some lengths, you will still need to revitalise dried-out chlorine skin.

 The Diet

There’s nothing worse than starting a crazy diet and suddenly craving everything you’ve recently sworn off. Instead, incorporate more greens and fruits into your meals. No denial and better results!

 The Hair-culling

Before you grab your razor and attempt a quick (ultimately painful) dry-shave, think of the end result. To avoid ingrown hairs and sore red patches, soak in a hot bath whilst using your Konjac Body Sponge and razor. This way, you will have all natural ingredients (Konjac and French clay) working their magic for baby soft skin.

 The Tanning Trick

You need to create a smooth base for the tan to melt into rather than allowing it to sit on top of dry skin, which leaves you with that patchy and uneven colour. Use the Konjac Loofah Body Sponge to gently buff away the excess skin cells and condition the new skin underneath. You will find that your tan looks more genuine and lasts a lot longer!

Most of all… don’t worry so much! The body may be a temple but nothing looks better than someone who is truly comfortable in their own skin. Do you, be you and be beautiful #bodypositive.