Have you experienced our new Rainforest Mini Collection yet? Just in time for spring, these adorable little pore refiners are fresh out of Korea and ready to rejuvenate that dull winter skin.

Meet the Toucan, Sloth, Monkey and Tree Frog

These refiners are out to prove that size doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to powerful skincare cleansing and exfoliating. The way to use these beauties to your advantage is to massage small circles deep into the eye area (where no beauty tool has gone before).

The Rainforest Minis are perfectly shaped to target those awkward dark circles on a morning, leaving you feeling revitalised with a healthy glow. This is surely the caffeine-free wake-up call you’ve been waiting for!

Pure and natural, these minis are made up of only the most eco-friendly ingredients. We have lovingly hand-blended our famous Konjac in four unique ways to buff, sculpt and nourish your way to a flawless complexion.

Our Sloth contains antioxidant-rich bamboo charcoal, the Monkey has red French clay, Tree Frog is laced with green French clay and the Toucan is purely Konjac goodness.


Which one is your spirit animal?