Sometimes, for no good reason, you wake up feeling flat and not at all like your usual social butterfly self. In these moments, it seems more appealing to crawl back into bed and avoid going through the daily motions. But, we all have things to do and lives to live, so wake up with these tips and fill up on good hygge-like vibes.

  • FOOD

Get more greens involved in your meals, and maybe some fruit every so often? The more colourful and natural the better – it’s great for the skin! The popular mantra of unhealthy food being good for the soul is true… right up until the carb and sugar comedown catches up with you, draining your energy and piling on the pounds. Both of these are enough to cause a mood deflation very quickly.


They call it beauty sleep, but getting a decent forty winks on a night is celebrated as the ultimate mood boost. When was the last time you felt stressed while asleep? Exactly. And, it is almost impossible not to wake up feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Aim for at least eight hours every night to look and feel reborn.


Not just any random skincare, but pure, Vegan and cruelty free. If it’s good to the animals and environment, surely your skin will reap some benefits too. When you use one of the adorable Mini Konjac Pore Refiners you can fully target, cleanse and exfoliate your way to a fresh and revitalised complexion. Is there really a better way to start and end your day than sloughing off the fatigue, one pore at a time?


If only you could bottle up the euphoric feeling you get upon completion of a gruelling gym session! That release of endorphins can give you the extra motivation needed to get things done with a smile on your face. Don’t forget to take the Konjac Sports Sponge with you to revive tired, aching skin after your workout. When you’re looking good, you’re feeling good and are much more likely to have a productive day.


Give yourself a reward once in a while! Whether you are restricted to your work lunch hour or have the luxury of working from home, make sure you’re spending your break wisely. No phones, no emails, no work, just you and something that makes you happy.


Had your eye on a new eye shadow palette, but haven’t quite found a good enough reason to buy it yet? Now is the time. A little treat when you’re feeling down is a great way to bring some joy to your day.