No one likes excess baggage - especially around the eyes. We’ve tried everything, from multiple layers of foundation to spending hours at a time with cucumber slices pressed to our eyelids, in the hopes of willing some brightness into them. Now, it looks like beauty bloggers have come up with the perfect solution by using complimentary colour concealers! You may look like a clown in the process but stick with us, the results to speak for themselves.


  • Base face – start with exfoliation and cleansing

To get the smoothest natural look it is best to start with a deep exfoliation and cleanse. Soak your Konjac Sponge for a few moments in warm water and massage around the face (especially the delicate eye area) in circular motions. This will cleanse the pores and remove dry, dead skin to give you a blank base for your makeup.

  • Consult the colour wheel – complimentary colours help to balance.

Redness from tiredness is cancelled out by green, whereas dark eye bags can be covered by red or orange. Using a small brush, or your finger, spread a little of the relevant colour concealer under your eyes, lightly covering the uneven skin tone.

  • Use a foundation and concealer that match your normal skin tone.

First, gently apply your foundation with a dabbing motion over the coloured area being careful not to remove the colour below. Then, add your regular concealer to brighten and blend.


What do you think? Have you tried this trend yet? It may seem crazy, but the science behind it definitely makes sense and if flawless, Photoshop-esque skin is the result – we’re all for it!