Our unique Konjac Tattoo Aftercare Sponge has taken the tattoo world by storm! Only 10 months after its explosive January release, the white knight of tattoo care has snapped up the Janey Loves 2016 PLATINUM Award. With one in three young people now having at least one tattoo, it is so important to properly look after your ink.


The completely natural Konjac Tattoo Sponge is shaped to glide smoothly over your new masterpiece, gently wiping away that nasty tattoo gunk. Its soft Konjac fibres cleanse without irritation, removing blood and conditioning the skin to prevent scabbing. Bonus points: It is also certified Vegan and Cruelty Free. We wouldn’t want any of you to miss out on upcoming news, so there is now a Facebook and an Instagram page dedicated to all things tattoo!


Let’s not forget about our Konjac Baby and Child Pack, which is making a great impression on parents everywhere. Within days of its release, the brand new baby pack won Janey Lee Grace’s GOLD award. This handy travel kit contains a Konjac Baby Face Sponge, Konjac Baby Bath Sponge and a mesh bag to keep them in after use. Everything you need in one place - no mess, no fuss.


Janey Lee Grace’s premiere awards night was held on Friday 30 September, where the panel of judges included; Zoe BallCarrie GrantJo WoodLynne McTaggartDr. Marilyn Glenville and the woman herself – Janey Lee Grace. The ultimate girl squad.