They’ve been buried in boots for months, but it’s almost time to break out the sandals and you suddenly realise – YOUR FEET ARE NOT PREPARED! Universally neglected, feet tend to be dismissed in the skincare routine, yet everyone can seriously benefit from regular cleansing. Keep your exfoliation as simple and natural as possible with our Konjac Sponge and buff your way to barefoot confidence.

Our Ultimate Exfoliating Konjac Loofah Bamboo Medley Body Sponge is the key to a fuss-free therapeutic foot massage. The loofah element of the sponge stimulates circulation and sloughs off dry, hard skin around the heels. We have combined this with 100% pure Konjac to ensure a softer, kinder skin exfoliation than the traditional loofah.

Chock-full of activated charcoal, this sponge carries all kinds of beauty possibilities. Charcoal is naturally rich in antioxidants, which allows it to effectively remove dirt and bacteria that can build up when you are on your feet all day. This special ingredient has even been said to absorb several times its own weight in toxins!

To keep your feet enviably conditioned, nourish and refine with our Konjac Loofah that’s so velvety soft you wouldn’t believe its loofah power. Let the sponge massage away any tension and stresses of your day with a more intense but gentler exfoliation than your old pumice stone could hope to provide. The unique springy nature of Konjac plant fibre when wet leaves a lasting impression, repairing and protecting newly exposed skin for professional results that you can achieve at home.

Do you dare to bare? Put a spring in your step with the Bamboo Loofah Sponge, making healthy, sandal-worthy feet so easy to achieve it would be a sin to cover them up!