Vegan, sustainable, cruelty free and eco-friendly: These are the terms that will be popping up all over your life in 2017, as more and more people become conscious of their effect on the environment.

Are you one of them? Being careful about what you are doing to the Earth no longer casts you off as some tree-hugging hippy that refuses to use deodorant. But we’re lazy too, so if it all seems like too much effort, here are five of the easiest beauty swaps you can make to do your bit for the planet #ecowarriorlife.

OUT: Face wipes   IN: Konjac Facial Sponge £8.99

Just take a second to think about all those face wipes you have used and discarded over the past few months. They will all still be filling up a landfill somewhere or, even worse, clogging our beaches. Who doesn’t love a crusty old wet wipe in their sandcastle? Invest in a Konjac Facial Sponge or some Konjac Eye Cleansing Pads instead. These beauties are 100% reusable, biodegradable and can last between 1 and 3 months!

OUT: Aerosol hairspray   IN: Josh Rosebrook Firm Hold Spray  £25.50

When your hair needs that little something special to rein it in, hairspray is usually the first thing we grab. Unfortunately, this hero product has had a bad reputation with environmentalists for as long as it has been around. Harmful chemicals and flammable ingredients have been said to rip through the ozone layer contributing to global warming. Throw your can out and upgrade to Josh Rosebrook’s organic and non-GMO plant sourced spray.

OUT: Microbeads   IN: Konjac Loofahs £14.99

Microbeads are the tiny plastic bits you find in exfoliation scrubs – very effective for removing dead skin, but not so great for the poor seals, whales and other fish that ingest them after they are washed out to sea. Did you know this type of over-exfoliation could also be causing your skin to feel tight? The Konjac Loofahs are the perfect natural alternative and give an all-over gentle exfoliation (no Microbeads in sight). 

OUT: Regular nail polish   IN: Pacifica Nail Polish £9.99

The stench of nail polish is unmistakable thanks to a combination of toxic chemicals, each with names more elaborate and unpronounceable than the last. Without mentioning the stack of health issues polish can cause, the environment is also damaged by nearly empty jars being thrown to waste. All those flammable and toxic ingredients are then absorbed into the soil… lovely. What you need is a Vegan, recyclable and 100% biodegradable nail varnish like Pacifica. You can enjoy all the benefits of chemical and toxic-free nails without sacrificing the intense colour.

OUT: Excess packaging   IN: Reusable jars and bags

Have you ever received something as minute as a tube of lipstick and been overwhelmed by the plastic and extra boxes it arrives in? Of course you have. It only ever goes in the bin, but when this packaging isn’t recyclable, what happens then? An easy solution to this is to seek out those products that are minimally or even beautifully packaged in mason jars or gift boxes – they just beg to be used again and again.

If you ever find yourself stuck for a place to collect your new eco-friendly beauty haul, try our favourite natural beauty haven - Love Lula.

What are your secret eco-beauty tips? Get in touch and let us know - sharing is caring!