It’s coming to the end of February now, which means most people have given up the optimistic New Year’s weight loss plan in favour of our three favourite C’s: cheese, carbs and cake. But, if you’re one of those determined dieters who are still firmly on the wagon, perhaps you have tried one of Korea’s favourite superfoods – Konjac.

Whether it is noodles, pasta or rice, Konjac has been used as a weight loss ingredient for over 1500 years. You can even get a Konjac version of a pot noodle (spice up your work lunch and reduce your waistline!)

Did you know this is exactly the same ingredient that makes up our sponges? We realised Konjac is not only good for you on the inside, but works like a charm on the outside too. The unique fusion of its plant fibre creates the smoothest jelly-like sponge, so soft that its exfoliating powers are often underestimated.

Have you ever tried Konjac in food or sponge form? Don’t miss out! Fuel your skincare with nutrient-rich original Konjac Sponges and immerse yourself in the world of Korean Beauty.