Acne and breakouts are skin problems everyone has the (dis)pleasure of dealing with at least once in their life. Unfortunately, this is not limited to awkward teenage years either. When these stubborn spots appear in very obvious places, it’s all you can do to not throw on a blob of toothpaste and pray for the best. But, restrain yourself and try out some of these simple tricks – it will all be worth it for that vibrant and clear summer skin.

  • Reducing sugar in your diet

It is widely known and accepted that sugar is bad for the skin, but do we listen? Without encouraging a full boycott of the beautiful ingredient, try cutting down, drink more water and maybe limit your cans of coke to the weekend.

  • Gently Exfoliate

Note ‘gently’, you don’t want to be aggressively scrubbing delicate skin with harsh exfoliators. Stick to natural products, where you know exactly what you are putting onto your skin, this way you can avoid potentially making your spots worse! Use the Konjac Facial Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal to softly slough off dead skin and de-clog blocked pores. Added activated charcoal helps absorb excess oils that tend to be the cause of acne. 

  • Opt for non-comedogenic moisturisers

[Non + comedo + jenic] For those who aren’t hot on fancy skincare jargon, ‘non-comedogenic’ basically means it will not block your pores. Look for this on your tubes of moisturiser and you can be sure it will not cause more breakouts. 

  • Go makeup free every so often

Maybe the most obvious of the list, give yourself a makeup-free day. Allow the skin to detox and repair without being blocked by layers of foundation and primer. Fully cleanse your face to open your pores, then massage in a light moisturiser and let your skin breathe.

  • When all this doesn’t cut it…

If you have tried all you can, it may be something that requires extreme care like hormonal acne or a medical condition. We would recommend you seek your doctor’s advice at this point (after all, they know best.)

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