Lips are generally ignored when it comes to exfoliation. For some reason, they’re just not considered in our daily skincare routine. Yet, in these plump lip obsessed times, dryness is not ideal and only makes lipstick look like the surface of the moon.

Here at The Konjac Sponge HQ, we love trying out new products. I’ve been introduced to some natural and gentle exfoliation via the Konjac Mini Pore Refiners (not just good for the pores, it turns out!) Aggressive scrubs can sometimes leave newly formed skin raw and painful, wreaking havoc on already sensitive complexions.

Their petite curvy shape is perfect for targeting and buffing away the dry skin that builds up on lips. I started using one of the Pink French Clay Minis to get the skin as smooth as possible before adding whichever lipstick caught my eye.

I tend to stick to the same lipstick most days – Tom Ford’s Deep Mink* - however, recently Dr. Pawpaw’s balms have had me reconsidering my lip colour game. The Red-tinted Balm can be used for lips and cheeks, conditioning like a regular balm while giving you an incredibly pigmented colour at the same time. But, for those days when you want to go natural, their Original Balm is essential.

The results really speak for themselves. Not only did the balms glide on like butter, the colour lasted a lot longer and there was no flaky-ness with the matte lipstick. I also feel a little exfoliation has helped give my lips a fuller look, which is always a bonus!

*GASP! Deep Mink is now discontinued! A close second would be, maybe, Warm Sable.