Green Tea...The Mighty Antioxidant

Here at Konjac we absolutely love Green Tea and we are not alone, it’s one of the most popular skincare ingredients around and you will have no doubt seen it pop up in a variety of products. Known for being a potent antioxidant and suitable for most skin types, we believe it’s one of the most widely beneficial ingredients for both skin and body. We are going to take a look into this ingredient and why it’s a must have in your skincare routine.


What is Green Tea?

It’s a botanical derived from the leaves and buds of the plant Camellia Sinensis. It’s said to have originated from China but due to its popularity the manufacture and production is now much more widespread across Asia.

There are a variety of polyphenols found in Green Tea and one in particular, known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is shown to be the active component that provides powerful antioxidant and ant-inflammatory properties. Studies show that there are many health benefits to these polyphenols and they are fantastic for the body inside and out.

What skincare benefits can Green Tea offer?

There have been many studies done on Green Tea to determine how beneficial it is for skin. Research has shown that as a topical treatment it works in multiple ways to care for and improve the skin.


Fights environmental aggressors

 Probably what it’s most known for, Green tea is packed with antioxidants to protect your skin from environmental damage such as pollution and UV radiation. If you struggle with using Vitamin C in skincare due to potential irritation, then green tea is a wonderful alternative. It’s a must have for mature skin and city dwellers as EGCG will help fight off DNA damage within the skin cells and promote repair skin on a cellular level.


Soothes the skin

Green tea has the ability to reduce inflammation making it a wonderful ingredient for those who suffer from rosacea and acne. It is said to help reduce redness and irritation making way for a clear and happy complexion.


Helps treat eye concerns

Green tea naturally contains caffeine which is often seen in eye cream formulations as it constricts the blood vessels and promotes the appearance of tighter skin. This can aid in reducing puffiness around the eye and assist in keeping the skin taut so fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also contribute towards the reduction of swelling and redness.


Fight’s acne and excess sebum

Research has shown that the polyphenol EGCG can lower the lipid levels within the skin, meaning it can help improve oily skin by reducing sebum excretion. Sebum is a key factor in developing acne and breakouts as it can cause congestion and clog the pores. In addition to this green tea has antibacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties so it’s a fantastic overall treatment for breakouts and troubled skin.


Incorporating green tea into your routine doesn’t have to be complicated and even in small amounts, it can have an incredible impact on skin health. Our konjac sponges with green tea extract are a fantastic introduction to the ingredient, we offer a variety of face sponges here.