Glass skin- what is it and how do I get it?

Glass skin is the Korean skincare trend currently taking the beauty world by storm. The aim is to get your skin so bright and full of moisture that it appears translucent like a pane of glass. We’ve put together this 5-step plan to help you achieve the coveted glass skin!

1- Stay hydrated

The first step to getting beautiful glass skin is to keep your insides just as hydrated as your outsides! Ensuring you drink enough water through the day will help your skin stay bright and healthy.

2- Cleanse and exfoliate

The next step is making sure that you cleanse and exfoliate effectively. We love using our konjac facial puff with pink clay to start the process. The pink clay helps dull and tired skin become more soft and plump, while the texture of the sponge helps to gently exfoliate dry skin. Repeat this process a couple of times. Let the skin dry a little then go in with one of our mini pore refiners to really get into those tough spots. Add some of our Huangjisoo Foaming or oil Cleanser for your skin type, for an even deeper cleanse or to remove any leftover pollutants from the day.

3- Toning

While your skin is still damp from cleansing apply a small amount of toner with a cotton pad. Swipe it across your skin to remove any last remaining impurities and to refresh the skin. The toning process needs to be repeated between 3-7 times, after the first time gently patting the toner into the skin. It is important to leave time between to allow your skin to really soak up the extra moisture! Klair’s Supple Preparation Unscented Toner is a popular option right now.

4- Essence or serum

Next we add a serum or essence to lock in the moisture that you’ve worked so hard to put in! You’ll want to look for one that is a little thicker in texture than your toner. Apply a small amount with your fingers across your face. Your skin should already be getting a glow!

5- Moisturiser

Following the serum you’ll want to apply your moisturiser. We actually suggest using a small amount of overnight moisture mask as it has a thicker consistency. Products containing vitamin E are going to be the best for hydration and max moisture! Apply a light layer with your fingers, and then gently pat in any remaining product. For extra protection, use one containing SPF.

Top tips

-Apply an overnight moisture mask before bed

-Use a dedicated exfoliating product once a week

-Try using a hydrating face mask once a week such as our Huanjisoo Shea Butter Natural Face Mask.