6am is not a time most people feel the surge of motivation needed to drag them to work. Wouldn’t you love an extra half-hour or so wrapped up in bed? Well, we have found a way to do just that. With a bit of prep, you can cut down your morning routine and be out of the door in 15 minutes!


Ugh, there it is. Avoid succumbing to the ‘snooze’ pressure and leave the alarm well away from your bed so you actually have to get up to turn it off - cruel, but effective.


  • Jump in the shower to snap out of your sleepy funk (wash your hair the night before to save time). Use one of the Konjac 6 Wave Body Sponges to exfoliate and cleanse all in one go – add a small amount of scented shower gel, like this one from Tom Ford, and you won’t even need to use perfume! [2 mins]
  • Spend a few minutes on your pearly whites (no one appreciates morning breath). An extra minty, whitening Marvis toothpaste will sort out that smile. [2 mins]
  • Massage your face into action with your Konjac Facial Sponge. Its soft dome shape will gently refresh the tired eye area and provide you with a smooth base for your foundation (more on that later). [1 min]


The night before, you should decide what you want to wear and leave it out for the morning. This way it can already be ironed and hanging ready for you to step into. Not one wardrobe meltdown to be seen. [3 mins]


Now’s the time to put that barefaced make up tutorial to use. Your face is already as smooth as a baby’s bottom thanks to your trusty Konjac Sponge, so add a thin layer of foundation, a few sweeps of your best eye opening mascara and you’re done. (Optional) A powerful lipstick goes a long way and can make you look a lot more put together than you feel! [5 mins]


Embrace the ‘undone,’ lived in style that everyone and their stylists are raving about. Less fuss, less effort, more time to sleep. [1 min]


It’s time to go and you have a little time to spare – enough to grab your lunch from the fridge, check you have your keys and head out into the icy tundra. [1 min]