Pre and Post Workout Skincare Tips

Exercise is something many of us incorporate into our lifestyle and it contributes in so many ways to the function of healthy, glowing skin. However, it is important that we take care of our skin especially after working up a sweat, otherwise this can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Here we share some tips for creating a solid skincare routine around your exercise habits.


Pre exercise

Cleanse the skin and remove makeup

Of course, every individual is different and some people may not see the point in cleansing the skin before you are about to sweat. We personally think it’s better to go into your workout with a clean slate so that there is reduced chance of clogged pores. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just a basic cleanse to remove any dirt and build up. We like to use our Konjac Sponge, it’s the perfect tool to use before exercise for a quick and gentle cleanse.

Makeup in the gym can be a bit of a controversial one but we say do whatever makes you feel comfortable! That said your skin will thank you in the long run if you can do without it. Sweat mixed with your makeup is one of the prime causes of breakouts in those that exercise. If you do want to wear makeup, we suggest looking for mineral based products and non-comedogenic formulas.

Apply a light moisturiser

Pre-workout skincare is all about keeping it simple, as you want to leave your skin as free as possible. A light moisturiser will keep skin comfortable but won’t be pore clogging. If you are exercising outside remember to follow up with an SPF or find a formula that can double up as your moisturiser. In fact, this also applies if you are visiting a gym with windows where visible light can seep through.


Tie your hair up!

If you have long hair it is best up and out of the way, this will prevent any oils from clogging your pores.


Post Exercise


Cleanse again!

This step is just as important as your cool down routine. This time you are going to need to go in with a deeper cleanse and this should be done as soon as your workout is finished. We suggest a gel cleanser paired with our Konjac Sponge to ensure you are lifting off sweat, bacteria and any debris. It is recommended to avoid manual scrubs or acid exfoliators at this point as post workout skin is prone to being more delicate, and can be easily irritated. We love Flow Cosmetics Balm to Milk Cleanser which has a gel like consistency and is packed with nutritious oils. It lifts off dirt and makeup with ease and leaves skin super soft and feeling refreshed.


Apply a serum and light moisturiser

When we exercise it can take a while for normal bodily functions to kick back in, so during this time we will continue to sweat until our body temperature is regulated. Our skin may be feeling red and itchy during this time so opt for lightweight, water-based serums and moisturisers that are formulated with anti-inflammatories. These will add nourishment back in but won’t overwhelm the skin, ensuring it stays balanced and calm. The Flow Cosmetics Hyaluron & Probiotics Deep Moisture Serum is perfect as it is incredibly hydrating but sinks in quickly without residue.

Don’t forget your body!

Ideally change out of your workout gear asap. Often the tight leggings and compression tops we wear provide the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. They are likely to trap oil and dirt next to the skin which can lead to body breakouts. Follow up with a shower and use an antibacterial body wash to reduce the likelihood of acne.


Fitting a good skincare routine around your exercise is important primarily for hygiene reasons and maintaining a healthy, clear complexion. It doesn’t have to take long but taking that extra time to care for your skin will make a world of difference!