Introducing our Mandala Collection!

Our new Mandala collection is for those that are just as enthusiastic about the environment as they are about looking after their skin!

In addition to our much-loved favourites we now have new packaging, new designs and new infusions available for our Face and Body Sponge ranges! So, what’s new?

Well let’s start with the ‘why’ behind choosing the intricate circular patterns you see on our boxes. Aside from being truly beautiful and unique, Mandala art symbolises the circle of life.

Perfectly complementing our purest plant based Konjac Sponge which is derived from the Konjac Root, all ingredients added also evolve from the ground. After its life is spent, it can return to its beginnings in its biodegradable form. It made sense for us to expand on what we were already doing for the environment, ensuring that the packaging is fully sustainable and plastic free so it could go through this life cycle.

We have also updated the shape of our sponges which now come in a flatter more ergonomic slimline design. The flatter surface allows for a maximum cleansing experience and dries quicker in the process. Our body sponges have had the same design overhaul but now come with a string so that they can be stored easily and again, dry quicker. 

So, we’ve got stunning artwork, check, 100% biodegradable packaging, check, new improved shape, check, anything else different about these sponges from our original design? Yes!

We have curated new ingredients to provide more options and target a variety of skin needs, because we appreciate not everyone falls into one ‘skin type’.

As well as our much-loved favourites, Bamboo Charcoal, Jeju Scoria and Chamomile we now have:

Bamboo Extract – this naturally antioxidant rich ingredient helps protect skin from environmental damage and work to repair the skin in the process. Wonderfully hydrating whilst being perfect for acne prone skins that need to strengthen and heal their barrier.

Yellow Clay – fantastic for sensitive skin that also has congested pores because that really can be an issue that is hard to address. Some ingredients work brilliantly at being gentle on the skin but fail to deliver on deeply cleansing the skin and getting rid of impurities. This is the sponge you want to target both of these things. This clay has essential minerals to heal and repair whilst deeply cleansing without leaving skin feeling stripped or tight. Also fantastic for revitalising dry and eczema prone skins.

Aloe Vera – we have all heard about this ingredient and for a reason, it’s a brilliant anti-inflammatory that is super soothing (hence why you find it in your after sun!). Being naturally rich in moisture makes it a real winner for dehydrated skins. What you may not know is that it’s also a natural antibacterial and a powerful astringent, meaning it can deeply cleanse, help prevent spots and can be used to soothe acne!

We don’t stop there! For this new launch we have also redesigned our reusable Eye Cleansing Pads which now come in packs of 2 and 6!

These have often fallen under the radar but they deserve a place in the spotlight! We want to shine a light on these nifty wafer-like discs! Perfect for removing makeup, these are an absolute must have for gently exfoliating and caring for the delicate eye area. They don’t drag or feel scratchy on the skin, which is exactly what you want around your peepers!

Of course, they are also kinder to the environment as they are fully biodegradable and last longer than your typical cotton wool pads. 

Phew! As you can see a lot of thought has been put into this new collection! It’s really important to us that our products are visually appealing, great for your skin, yet don’t come at a cost to the environment.

You can shop the Mandala collection here