Travelling in from South Korea, our Konjac Sponge is a small ball of miracle exfoliation revolutionising the way we look after our skin. No longer do we need a bathtub to hold the various (sometimes disappointing) creams, oils and moisturisers we have garnered over the years in the pursuit of perfect pores.


It’s about time that we introduce you to the beauty tool made from Konjac – a vegetable, which has been a core Korean food source for around 1500 years. After all, doesn’t everyone crave that fresh-faced, youthful radiance that seems to only apply to those lucky Eastern beauties?


Konjac? What is this?

Pronounced con-jack, this is the most versatile and impressive vegetable you will ever come across. When it’s not being fused with water and French clay using our special, patented formula, Konjac is also used as a diet supplement, medicine and food – PURE SORCERY, I tell you! The vegetable fibres create a sponge so silky soft it can even be used on babies.


What does it do?

The Konjac Sponge is a cleansing exfoliator with an ego- and quite rightly. Outdoing the traditional sponge, it is natural, pure, certified Vegan and cruelty-free, and boasts incredible benefits for the skin. The satin texture often fools us into questioning whether it is actually exfoliating, but rest assured you are receiving the deepest, gentlest cleansing possible.


But what’s in it for me?

Whether you have dry skin, a combination complexion, or maybe you struggle with impromptu breakouts, there is a sponge designed to help. Clays that have been added specifically to deal with a variety of skin types create the different colours you see in our Konjac collection. Feeling sensitive? Grab the pink. Oily t-zone? Green is for you. Whichever you choose to indulge in, you can be sure that it is chemical, additive and irritant free.



How do I use it?

When you first get your hands on a Konjac sponge it is hard as a rock, but submerge in water for a few minutes and it will transform into a squishy, pliable sponge. The trick is to polish the skin in a circular motion for an intense massaging effect. In no time at all your skin will appear revitalised and rejuvenated with a healthy glow. Don’t forget to gently squeeze out excess water after use and hang by its string on a radiator so you can keep on using it over and over again!


The smoothest makeup application

One huge bonus of the sponge is its ability to remove water-based make up. Use a must-have cleanser or simply use water, it is entirely your prerogative; the vegetable fibres will continue to do their job. Getting deep into the pores, the Konjac sponge preps the face for flawless, Instagram-worthy skin. Adieu to uneven, blotchy foundation!


Bring a bit of culture to your cleansing regime and give your skin a well-deserved rest from aggressive exfoliators, the Konjac Sponge has got your back.
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