Celebrating Valentines Day in lockdown...partner or not!

Whether you have celebrated Valentine’s Day in previous years or not, we are firmly behind V day 2021. Let’s face it we all deserve a day to liven things up and do something a bit different to the norm! We are making Valentine’s Day the perfect opportunity to practice some self-care, focus on loving ourselves and reminding those special people in our life how much they mean to us. Whether you are single or partnered up we have compiled a selection of tips and ideas that are just as fun to do on your own, as they are if you are a couple!


Turn off your phone!

First things first, let this day be about reconnecting with yourself or your partner. Phones are a massive distraction and often get in the way of proper communication. If you can, set your phone aside and allow yourself to be fully engaged in the day’s activities. How often is it that we have a day without our phone attached to us?! If you are spending Valentine’s Day alone it may be a good idea to do this at least for the evening, so you aren’t constantly reminded of how others are spending the day all coupled up!


Start as you mean to go on!

Let breakfast jump start your day! Romantic pancakes don’t have to just be for two! Put the cereal away and treat yourself to something special, whatever makes you feel good!


Flowers – the instant mood booster

Everyone deserves a beautiful bunch of flowers. Whether you are buying for your partner or yourself, flowers are always a good idea. They brighten up the place and are a well-known mood booster. Unless you suffer from hayfever that is, in which case maybe go for something artificial?! Although Roses are the tradition, rules are made to be broken, opt for your favourites, whatever makes you or your partner happy!


Bake your favourite treats!

There is nothing more comforting and soul restoring than baking something yummy and letting the aroma fill up the house. Plan ahead and pick a recipe to make on the day! Up the romance with some heart shaped biscuits or add some cute icing designs to your bakes.


Spa at home

Set the mood and have an ultimate spa experience without leaving the comfort of your home! Indulge in some much-needed TLC, light a candle, dim the lights and gather your favourite gorgeously scented body products. This year why not add a little luxury in the form of a massage candle. These are quite the revelation, not only do they fill the air with a relaxing scent, but the wax melts at a lower temperature which is then suitable for pouring on your body. Genius! You can either make this into a romantic moment with your partner or an opportunity to treat yourself to a nourishing massage.


Bring some magic to your bedroom!

Fairy lights…they have the ability to turn any room into a cosy little haven! Ideal for either setting a romantic vibe or as a way to bring a comforting calm feeling to your space. You will probably want to keep them up past this annual festivity because they look so inviting!


Movie & Treats

Make a movie night all the more special with some homemade cocktails (or buy some pre-made ones) and throw in some treats to go with it. This will make it feel a little bit jazzier than the usual sitting in front of the TV. Light some candles to set the mood, snuggle under a blanket and enjoy!