6 reasons why a Konjac Sponge is your new favourite beauty tool!

Of course, we are biased when it comes to our nifty konjac sponge but we really believe that it transforms your routine in a variety of ways. You will wonder what you ever did before! When we think about beauty tools, we picture high tech gadgets that need a manual to operate, yet the Konjac Sponge couldn’t be further from that. It is easily one of the simplest yet most versatile tools you could use. Here we break down all the reasons why our authentic Konjac sponges should be next on your list to take your skincare regime to the next level!


Suitable for all skin types and ages

There is a sponge for everyone in our range, whatever your skin type or concern may be, we have an infusion that’s right for you. If rosacea, eczema or other sensitive skin conditions usually mean exfoliation is out of the question, then you may benefit from this tool. The principle of the sponge remains the same whichever one you decide – to provide the skin with an extremely gentle but effective cleanse and exfoliation. You would choose your sponge based on the added ingredients and what your skin needs and goals are. We also have a range for your body, babies and pets! No skin has to go without!


Upgrades your cleansing routine!

Konjac Sponges are effective on their own and are ideal as a quick way to wake up skin in the morning, but they also prove to be excellent as a 2nd cleanse after makeup removal. You can either use with water alone or with your existing cleanser. The good news is you won’t need to use as much as it really makes product go much further! Whichever way you choose to incorporate your sponge, it’s a sure-fire way to ensure dirt and impurities are lifted from the skin. An added bonus is the shape allows you to concentrate on areas where congested pores, blackheads or dry skin may be found, promoting clearer, balanced skin!


Alternative to a wash cloth or wipes

For those who don’t enjoy using face cloths then a konjac sponge is a brilliant alternative! It will remove your cleanser or face mask with ease. No tugging or scrubbing involved! Unlike face cloths, our sponge can be rinsed thoroughly, reused and left to dry ready for the next use without any extra effort. Just make sure to remove all product, so no build up accumulates!


It’s good for the environment!

Our Konjac Sponge is the perfect demonstration of sustainable beauty. Handmade entirely from vegetable fibre, it’s 100% plant based, cruelty free and vegan. The best part? It’s completely biodegradable so when it’s time for a new one (usually up to 3 months from first use) you can put your old one in with your food waste or compost heap. There is something so wholesome and ‘feel good’ about knowing its going back to the same place it originated from! We also offer plastic free packaging too!


Gives your skin a daily massage

It has to be tried to be believed! Starting out hard and crispy, it transforms into a silky soft, bouncy sponge when submerged in water. It feels soothing and super refreshing on the skin, much more pleasurable than hands alone!


Natural glow givers!

Do you ever want the effects of a physical scrub but are cautious about skin damage? The small but mighty konjac sponge gives the skin an instant natural glow, results you would usually associate with a scrub. Yet you don’t get any of the harsh aspects! Buff across the skin in circular motions for maximum effects. With daily use skin texture should gradually improve as the sponge undetectably eradicates dead skin cells leaving a radiant complexion behind!


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