Sleepion 3 White

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Sleepion stimulates sight, hearing and smell to deepen sleep for resting the mind and body.

Powered by a USB charged portable power bank. The device plays 12 different relaxing sounds on a 45 minute cycle. The light flickers like a candle and the aroma gently seduces you into a relaxing sleep. Incredible Japanese technology, beautifully put together and thoughtfully packaged.

The stylish matt finished speaker system plays soothing sounds, emits customized light cycles and diffuses all-natural aromas to relax your body and get you resting. Each pack contains one Sleepion 3, a power bank pack and USB charging cable, as well as 10 assorted ceramic aroma rings.

Sleepion’s removable magnetic battery pack can last for up to 35 hours on a full charge.

Available in black or white. CE and Rohs tested.

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