Be Well - A Remedy For The Immune System

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Lizzie Loves the well-esteemed nutritional health coach and author, brings to market three amazing natural remedies for children, that happens to work for adults too!

BE WELL supports children’s immune systems (5 x 2g sachets per carton)

Using the power of nature to fortify your immune system, to keep sniffles and colds at bay while helping you to get better, faster. For centuries elderberries have been used as a natural remedy. They are a rich source of antioxidants, which can help protect our bodies, and targeted Vitamins C + D which are crucial for the immune system. 

BE WELL makes a delicious berry tasting drink, with a bespoke blend of organic blackcurrant and elderberry, fortified with Vitamin C, D, zinc and selenium.

Key Ingredients

• Elderberries - a potent source of anthocyanins and vitamins can support our immune system with powerful antioxidant and anti-viral activity
• Vitamin C from organic blackcurrants for anti-inflammatory and immune support
• Vitamin D from mushrooms – supports respiratory tract health and immune guard
• Zinc - helps fight bacteria and viruses
• Selenium – reduces inflammation and enhances the immune response

“This has kept my children from any days off school for years, and it tastes so insanely berry bursting, that they ask for it every day. I give it to them to keep their immune systems on fighting form and at the first signs of a sniffle or scratchy throat to hasten their recovery”. Lizzie King

Organic Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder, Organic Blackcurrant Powder (21%), Maltodextrin, Natural Blackcurrant Flavouring, Stabilisers (Acacia Gum, Gum Arabic), Anticaking Agent (Aluminium Silicate from Kaolin Clay), Sweetener (Stevia), Elderberry Extract (5%), Acerola Cherry Powder, Zinc Citrate, Selenium Yeast, UV-treated mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus). ALLERGEN INFORMATION May contain nuts. Traces of cherry stones may be present. IMPORTANT Not suitable for children under 1 year. In the event of fever or any other persistent condition, consult a healthcare professional. Food supplements should not replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
Use one sachet per child each morning. Keeps defences high, and helps speed recovery. Just mix powder with 100ml of water to drink. Suitable for children 12 months up Age 1-3: half a sachet (1g), Age 4-14: one sachet (2g), Age 14 plus: two sachets (4g). Do not exceed 4 doses per day.

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